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Get Benefits Using Atomic Design

Here you will see the benefits of using Atomic design in your project. Not only for the design components reusability, also for the architecture of your code.


Following atomic design will help you integrate your design with the frontend and backend.

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Structure your code like the designer his template, go hand in hand to make a scalable project.



Increase the speed at which you develop your project using predefined atoms and molecules.

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Structure your headless CMS with Atomic design and see the possibilities it gives you.

Our team

Know the team behind this project

Storyblok and Dawntraoz worked together to build this sample project to show the possibilities of creating our application using Atomic Design as a reference, in a very simple way.

Dawntraoz (Alba Silvente)

Alba Silvente

Senior Frontend Developer

Samuel Snopko Picture

Samuel Snopko

Head of Developer Relations